Kays’ business has grown over the last 40 years to serve just about every major industry in the UK and Europe. We have achieved this through product diversity and exceptional value combined with excellent logistics and customer service.

Across the industries of manufacturing, retail, aerospace, food production, engineering, offshore, leisure and education we serve and help organisations solve tomorrow’s problems with unrivalled storage and logistics management.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management (FM) and the increasing trend for large organisations to outsource significant parts of their operational activity has created a strong demand for good supplier relations.

Kays has developed a formidable reputation for working closely with many large organisations in the FM space to ensure their customers receive the products they need when they need them

Oil, Gas & Offshore Industry

Kays has significant experience dealing with some of the world’s largest oil and gas producers, and their supporting partners.

In high-risk areas such as offshore drilling platforms, Kays have worked with doctors and medics to tailor product and service delivery in areas where there is no room for compromise, ensuring unrivalled logistics management throughout the entire supply chain.

Some of the high priority medical deliveries we specialise in include timed cold chain and controlled drugs, where fast delivery is key.

Occupational Health

For many years, Kays was the only medical supplies company in the UK dedicated to supplying the emerging occupational health industry. Now the industry is booming, Kays is still one of the leading providers for many Occupational Health Professionals throughout the UK.

Kays has continued to be the supplier of choice, not only for their wide range of products but for their ability to achieve fast delivery required in this time-sensitive field.

Customer Support Function

All Kays customers are assigned an account manager for day-to-day contact to oversee the transition to the Kays service and answer any operational queries.

All account managers have a deep product knowledge as well as an intrinsic understanding of our processes and policies. They will host regular KPI reviews of performance and have the authority to quickly resolve any issues that might arise.

As they can independently monitor all customer issues, we believe our account managers are an integral part of our Continues Improvement Program and their personalised service can meet and exceed all business needs.

Our Special Points

Large Warehouse
Large Warehouse for your distibution needs
Global Transportation
For all your distibution needs
Delivery 24/7
24/7 needs for all of our customers
On Time Delivery Service
For when time matters

what our clients say

Francisco Walsh
Francisco Walsh
With Kays Logistics I am able to track every stage of the process up to the point I receive a notification email of delivery. They are timely, cost-effective, and their helpful team are able to keep me updated at all times.
Raymond Alexander
Raymond Alexander
Kays Logistics has been a crucial factor in the success of my business. By being able to track my deliveries and stay updated with every parcel, I am able to plan and structure accordingly. There's no one else I'd rather use.
Max Burgess
Max Burgess
In terms of service and transparency, Kays Logistics really are second to none. They are the only company that I will continue to use time and time again. I'd advise anyone to do the same.